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Friday, September 29, 2006

Digital Scraproom Organizing Software

I may be a bit behind the times here, but I just discovered Digital Scraproom today... it's a software created by a digital scrapper for organizing all your digi stuff.

I have a system that I'm pretty happy with just using a tree of folders in Windows, but boy, this software has some really neat features! I have not tried the software, but here are some of the handy things that jumped out at me...

1. See Your Supplies in Multiple Categories -- The writeup on website says that in Windows, you have to copy your files to two different places in order to have them in different categories... not true actually, you can have the files in one place, and just create a shortcut and put the shortcut in another place. But it looks like using this software will make putting your stuff into multiple categories much easier.

2. Easy to Use Keyword Search Feature -- When I think about going back and assigning keywords to allllll the kits I have now, I feel faint. But, I don't think it would be too hard to assign keywords to a kit (note: "kit", not each file, that would be too much work) as you download them.

3. Keeping Track of Supplies You Use on Layouts -- Now THIS is cool! The program will keep track of all the supplies you used on your layout, and spit out a .txt file with the list. It has only file names on it, of course, so if you copied and pasted it right into the webpage you're posting your layout on, instead of saying Kit Name by Designer, it would say kitname_bluepaper_designer.jpg or something like that. Which, if the designer has named their file correctly, can be just as good, I think. Now if it could just remember the fonts I used, THAT would be great. I always have to go back and open up my PSD files to figure that out.

The one thing I can't really tell by looking at the screen shots is if you can see a folder image on each folder. The screen shot is not shown in thumbnail view, it's shown in icon view, so all you see are little yellow folders.

As many of you know (but some don't know)... if the designer has included a preview of the kit in their folder, you can name that preview "folder.jpg" and then when you view the list of folders in Windows thumbnail view, you can actually see the preview right there on the folder, without having to go inside the folder to see what's in there. (I have started including the preview "folder.jpg" in my kits, already named that way, so that once it's unzipped, it's good to go, no need to rename.)

Anyway, this software looks really cool... check it out: