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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Microsoft woos digital-photography enthusiasts

By Caroline McCarthy
Staff writer, CNET
Published: June 29, 2006, 12:17 PM PDT

Microsoft has recently been attempting to appeal to a crowd it traditionally hasn't focused on: digital photographers.

The software behemoth has never been known as a leader in the creative side of software manufacturing; that title arguably goes to Apple Computer or Adobe Systems. But Microsoft is trying to change that image in anticipation of the eventual release of its Vista operating system, particularly in the field of digital photography.

Thursday marked its first Pro Photo Summit, featuring the launch of a program called Icons of Imaging, designed to showcase the work of leaders and innovators in photography; and the announcement of the winners of a Future Pro Photographer Contest.

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Earlier this week, the software company purchased iView Multimedia, a British start-up that specializes in digital photo organization, as a potential rival to Adobe's Lightroom and Apple's Aperture.

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Microsoft is also working on Windows Media Photo, a format designed to rival the popular JPEG digital-photo format.

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New Web Site Offers Free Advertising For Small Business Owners

Finding an affordable way to advertise your personal, business or e-commerce website can be daunting. Net Top Sites offers a free alternative to immediately create a link back to your site.

American Fork, UT (PRWEB) June 29, 2006 -- Golden Fleece Enterprises announces the launching of Net Top Sites, a free advertising portal that features real time website popularity ranking in more than 175 product categories.

"While we realize that there are already top site listings available to the web entrepreneur in some market categories, we wanted to bring together all market categories in one place making it easier for the web consumer to compare sites" says owner Paul Lindberg. "If we haven't got a category that fits your market segment, we will add one for you."

With more than 175 product categories to choose from, finding a category that fits your need should be easy to do. Most website owners choose a more specific niche that best suits them. For instance, the Craft industry has many diverse specialties such as Knitting, Painting, and Paper Crafting. The latter is broken down even further with Scrapbooking and Digital Scrapbooking as specific niche markets.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scrapblog(TM) Launches Newest Version of the World's First Online Scrapbooking Service

Enhanced Features Enable Integration with Flickr and MySpace; 'Favorite Scrapblog' Contest Rewards Contributors with Digital Cameras

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 2006--Scrapblog, LLC today debuted the latest version of its Web application, going beyond the status quo of photo-sharing sites by offering a more interactive way to preserve, personalize and share memories online. The site also announced a monthly contest for the most popular Scrapblogs, offering the latest digital cameras as prizes.

Scrapbloggers can now import their favorite photos from Flickr and enhance them with a variety of stickers, backgrounds, themes, balloon comments and other rich-media blogging tools. Ideal for parents, grandparents, students, newlyweds, vacationers and sports fans interested in sharing memories with friends and family in real-time, Scrapblog enables users to tell stories around their pictures. Scrapblog pages can now be embedded into pages or personal blogs.

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Scrapbook design award for Adobe Photoshop users

Scrapbook design award for Adobe Photoshop users :

In just 23 days the "2006 Scrappy Awards," the first scrapbook design contest held exclusively for Adobe Photoshop Elements users, will stop accepting entries. The deadline for entries is 12:00 midnight EST, June 30, 2006. "This is an excellent opportunity for digital scrapbookers to showcase their best work and hopefully win some of the most cutting-edge tools out there,” said Matt Kloskowski, editor-in-chief of Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques. “Then the winners can use those tools to create more funky and fantastic scrapbook designs." The "2006 Scrappy Awards" contest is free to enter. Entrants may submit a single digital scrapbook page created in Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Review: Five Photoshop Wannabes

June 09, 2006
Review: Five Photoshop Wannabes

Photoshop may be the standard for image editing, but these five low-cost image editors set out to do its job for for a lot less money.

By Ron White

There is no doubt that Adobe Photoshop CS2 is the reigning champion of image editing. Anything that can be conceived by human (and perhaps extraterrestrial) imagination can be created on-screen with a few shrewd choices from Photoshop's arsenal of brushes, tools, palettes, and bag of clever visual tricks. It is the standard of pixel pushers around the world. It has redefined art and photography. It is a fine, fine program that costs $649.

I'm going to repeat that.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 costs $649. Six hundred. And forty nine. Dollars.

It is not illegal to charge $649 for a single software program. But it's not mandatory either, and we decided to find some less expensive alternatives and see if they came up to the standard set by Photoshop.

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Monday, June 12, 2006 lets you organize your memories online

From their website:

Step by step, we travel life's journey. Now, step by easy step, you can tell life's stories

Collect, illustrate, and preserve any story — big or small — using words, pictures, and voices. With OurStory, you decide who sees what, so that your privacy is always protected. OurStory keeps everything organized and secure... in a place where you can add to it, publish it, and enjoy it forever.

This site looks kind of neat... basically it's just a collection of photos with your stories along with it, and it organizes itself by date. They also have Baby Story and Love Story which look like they have questions specific to baby and wedding that help you record your memories (like an online baby book).

Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy mothers, who don't have time to organize 4,000 digital pictures are now paying professionals to complete their family scrapbooks



The instant you have a baby, you become a card-carrying member of the Mommy Club. You will worry that your membership might be revoked if you don't follow the cult-like mommy masses. These days, you must scrapbook. You must scrapbook. You must scrapbook.

"Moms are coming in to scrapbook for their child because if all the other children in the neighbourhood have a scrapbook, the moms fear the impending trauma and therapy bills their child will experience if they don't," says Angela Urbano, the 36-year-old founder of Urban Scrapyard, a scrapbook "boutique" recently opened in Toronto (

As with any emerging mommy trend, there is a competitive side. That's why busy mothers, who don't have time to organize the 4,000 digital pictures they have taken of three-month-old Tommy, are now paying professionals to complete their family scrapbooks.

The cost ranges from $50 to thousands of dollars. All one has to do is provide photos to Urban Scrapyard and the designers will create one for you. (It's like having a really good accountant. "Here's my shoebox full of receipts. Do my taxes. Thanks!")

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Snapjot helps customers transform keepsakes into digital stories that will last forever

Baby Breaker Birth Announcements
By Tim Beyers (TMF Mile High) June 2, 2006

Welcome back to Baby Breakerdom! This week's quest to uncover budding Rule Breakers finds big money for storytellers and plenty of green for green firms.

First up this week is SnapJot, a company that helps scrapbooking enthusiasts such as my wife take their craft online. According to the company's website, its goal is to help customers transform keepsakes into digital stories that will last forever. That's achieved by uploading photos, videos, and writings to a personalized site. It sorts of reminds me of the slide shows my uncle and grandfather would assemble when I was a boy.

But there's more to this than mere nostalgia. The technology behind the idea is impressive. For example, one of the chief problems with scrapbooking is that it requires long hours of organization. SnapJot address that by using the time associated with each "scrap" as an organizing principle. Chronological stories are assembled automatically. Knowing my wife as I do, I can imagine this feature alone could be a major stressbuster.

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OK, Picture This aims to take the work out of preserving memories

Are you one of those people who can't find the time to tackle the boxes of pictures building up in the hall closet? Or maybe you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one?

That's exactly what Deborah Olsen had in mind when she created digital photo albums for her grandchildren. And these gifts have truly kept on giving.

Seeing her children receive these personal, timeless presents from their grandmother gave Tabitha Geary the idea for OK, Picture This, an online scrapbooking company that allows customers to mail in pictures to create digital scrapbooks, collages, videos and more.

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You Really Can Learn to Scrapbook on a Computer For Free

A little time, a computer and an Internet connection is all you need to learn to scrapbook. Teens to Baby Boomers are finding that computers are the easiest and least expensive way to preserve the past and create new memories at the same time. We’ve found free lessons, free software and even free templates all in one site.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) June 3, 2006 –- You really can learn to scrapbook on a computer for free. We’ve found free lessons, free software and even free templates all in one site. Now, all you need is a little time, a computer and an Internet connection., has taught thousands how to use their home computers and printers to create scrapbook pages. Wes and Kathy, owners of, report that they average more than 2500 active users from around the world signed up for the classes on any given day.

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