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Friday, December 30, 2005

Other free tools better than your digital camera software

Knight Ridder News Service

You know that special software that came with your digital camera? Forget it. That’s right: Even though most new cameras come with a CD full of software that’s supposed to be something really special, you don’t need any of it. In fact, you’re better off without, because some free tools are better than the “bundled” programs that come with the camera.

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ColorWasher 2.0 - Flexible Photoshop plug-in simplifies photographic color correction

By Jay Nelson

Everyone has photos that are underexposed, washed out, taken under strange lighting conditions, or have faded with time, and Adobe Photoshop (, August 2005) has all the tools you need to fix any of these problems. However, if you’re not willing or able to spend the hours necessary to understand, let alone master, Adobe Photoshop’s color-correction tools, there are several plug-ins that can do the heavy lifting for you.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Digital Retouching in Today's Media

Okay, not really scrapbook related... but!

A couple of posts ago, I posted a tutorial on whitening teeth. As we all know, modeling photos in magazines are digitally re-touched to achieve "the perfect body" -- but do you know exactly how much re-touching is done?? After you see this, you'll think of it not as re-touching, but more like an overhaul, LOL! Show this to your teenage girls and any woman you think needs to see it. It's a real eye opener...

Girlpower! unveils the fraud
Click on Reveal the Bluff -- a window will pop up, then wait for the orange "Unveil the Fraud" sticker to pop up and then click on that.

Greg's Digital Archive
Click on each photo on the left of the girl in the bikini. Roll your mouse over the large photos to see the changes made.

Now, don't you feel better about yourself? :-)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Here's the big-picture view of creative gifts from photos

By Stephanie Dunnewind
Seattle Times staff reporter

The versatility of digital photo images has added a huge new dimension to gift giving. Santa's gift bag may be stuffed with some familiar faces this year: Your own. Photo prints are still the most common purchase, but gifts personalized with photos — top subjects include kids, pets and vacations — are increasingly popular, said Jill Aldort, a senior consultant for InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, a Massachusetts-based firm that researches digital imaging.

With a variety of online sites and stores offering photo gifts, products range from $6 luggage tags to $21 playing cards to a $200 woven portrait used as a blanket or wall hanging. Pictures can also adorn cookie tins, cutting boards, clocks, coasters, golf towels, license plates, lightswitch covers, nightlights, ornaments, pet dishes, purses, puzzles, ties, travel mugs and sports balls.

To read entire article, go here

Friday, December 02, 2005

Neat design site - Adam Polselli

My friend Melinda was nice enough to pass on this neat site... it has some great photos on it, but the coolest part is the design and color scheme ideas he has. It's really for web designers, but can be applied to your digi layouts as well... He's got several categories like Southwest, Vintage, etc, and offers not only color suggestions for each category but font suggestions, and other layout and graphics ideas as well.

Check it out here!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Scrap Outside the Box Newsletter hits the street!

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